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LockableOffsetBufferProviderTAcquireBuffer Method
Finds or creates a new MediaBuffer object based on the bufferSize criteria. AllowGrow must be set in order to create new MediaBuffer objects.

Namespace: StreamCoders
Assembly: MediaBase (in MediaBase.dll) Version: (
public T AcquireBuffer(
	int bufferSize,
	bool exactSize = false


Type: SystemInt32
SizeIncludingHeader of the MediaBuffer to look for.
exactSize (Optional)
Type: SystemBoolean
if true, AcquireMediaBuffer will look for a buffer with the exact size provided by bufferSize, otherwise the condition is "greater-or-equal".

Return Value

Type: T
MediaBuffer object.


ILockableBufferProviderTAcquireBuffer(Int32, Boolean)
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